I Love Scarves !

Always have - Always will.

As far as I am concerned, they will always be in style.  

In fact, my sister Jo found the perfect t-shirt for me.
The story begins 1982 in England.  I was a brand new wife, an
American living in the U. K. midlands with no job and lots of free
time.  I started a color analysis business in my home, since I always
loved colorful things, shopping and telling people what to do - it was

If you are unfamiliar with color analysis, it has to do with each
individual person's skin tones and what colors look best on them.  
After deciding what season they were, my advise ranged from  
"Never wear beige under your chin" to "Never wear brown and
purple together, etc."  All well and good. Everyone was pleased.  
"Now if you don't have enough money to replace your whole
wardrobe, just make sure what is directly under your chin, like a
scarf, is the right color."  The problem began when shopping all over
for the correct color scarves in the right mix of seasons, we found
nothing suitable.  Peach was mixed with purple, red with brown, gold
scattered everywhere.  


Unfortunately, after many wonderful years of doing these shows and
travelling the world to buy fabrics - t
he fabric market changed.  No
more draping fabrics that were easy to care for.  My business was
over.  I sat waiting and waiting for five years for the fabrics to return.  
It didn't and still hasn't - and I finally got tired of waiting.

Then in 2001, on a  trip to France and Belgium, I fell in love with all
that lace.  That was the day I decided to make my own lacy fabric,
and that's exactly what I did.  To maintain the highest standards, I
personally perform all parts of the process from design, color
selection and manufacture involved in creating this Fiberlicious

It's been an adventure since then.  The new lace-like fabric is
created first, then made into whatever item is desired.  And it's a ball
picking out the colors and patterns!  Scarves are the main part of
the business, but anything is possible.  Custom orders are our

Please feel free to ask any questions about the scarves or garments
that we can design just for you.   


Thanks for visiting!

                                                   Cookie Wayte
Here's me in a Nottingham newspaper.
I choose only fabric that worked with the four
seasons and began with making scarves.  
Then, in line with the above t-shirt, I added
hair accessories, belts, scarf clips - even
matching fabric earrings.  

Eventually, we moved back to the USA, and I
continued making my scarf collections.  I
conducted scarf-tying seminars to increase
my scarf clientele.  I published a scarf book
and started exhibiting at art and craft shows.
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Nottingham England 1982
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